Art is one of the few things that bring people from all corners of the world together. Among its various forms, music is the one that has been able to touch many hearts and definitely, without any doubt, music is a universal language. The successes of the many committed to the path of creating music, however, believe the difficulty. In addition to passion and talent, finances can be a hindering block for emerging artists. Often the only reward of a lifetime of relentless perseverance is public acknowledgement. In the Nepali music industry, the Hits FM Music Awards best serve this purpose.

Today, the Nepali music industry has made extensive progress so artists can live off of their art and talent. Hits FM 91.2 is proud to have been an integral part of this evolution. We have always believed in our local talent and thus started the process of recognizing and awarding artists. The awards are delivered with integrity and credibility and it is a source of pride for us, pushing us to set a new, higher and better, benchmark in the Nepali music industry with the annually held Hits FM Music Awards.

Hits Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in promoting artists in the Nepali music industry through the medium of radio ever since the inception of Hits FM 91.2 in April 1996.
In 1997, Hits FM 91.2 initiated, established and hosted the first Hits FM Music Awards (2054).

Labeled as the “Grammy’s of Nepal” by the media, it is an event looked forward to by the entire music industry and music enthusiasts. For us, it is a source of pride to be able to promote the Nepali music, the recording industry and give due recognition to the talent of old and new artists.




  • The first Hits FM Music Awards was held.
  • It became the first-ever musical award to be organized by a private company on a national level.
  • Hits FM Music Awards was started with seven categories. Artists created history by being the first seven to officially kick off the competition and they are as follows:
  • Best Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocal: Kandara

    Best Male Vocal Performance: Nabin K. Bhattarai

    Best Fiale Vocal Performance: Nalina Chitrakar

    Best New Artist: Om Mane Pie

    Album of the Year: Akashko Jun - Sanjaya Shrestha

    Record of the Year: Raharai Raharma - Nabin K. Bhattarai

    The Lifetime Achievient Award : Dharma Raj Thapa


  • The Category Best Song Originally Recorded for a Motion Picture Soundtrack was added in the 2nd Hits FM Music Awards


  • In the 3rd Hits FM Music Awards, four new categories were included namely:
  • Best Vocal Collaboration

    Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

    Best Fiale Pop Vocal Performance

    Song of the Year.


  • In the 6th Hits FM Music Awards, three new categories were added bringing the total to 14 categories:
  • Folk Album of the Year

    Folk Record of the Year

    Best Song in a Foreign Language


  • In the 8th Hits FM Music Awards another Four categories were added namely:
  • Best Pop Composition

    Best Rock Composition

    Best Composition

    Best Music Video bringing it to the total to 18 categories.


  • In the 11th Hits FM Music Awards Best Arrangient was added bringing the total to 19 categories.


  • In the 12th Hits FM Music Awards, two new categories were added namely:
  • Best Rock Vocal Performance

    Pop/Rock album of the year.

  • However, 2 existing categories were rioved.
  • The 12th Hits FM Music Awards also saw the shifting of the venue from the regular BICC to Nepal Army Officers’ Club.